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[26 Jul 2007|08:23pm]
[ mood | creative ]

Hey so im updating again.

not done too much since the last post....

Mostly been working.
Tuesday was the stock room and wednesday was just a normal day at the till.

But tuesday also marked the 20th anniversary of Metal gear solid.

They showed a full 15 min demo of MGS4 and announced some other Cool stuff too.

Ive gotten into doing papercraft. Basically cutting out templates and then folding them and gluing them together. I made one of Solid Snake in a Box but forgot to upload the pic... ill do that later.

these are 2 that i have done today and last night.

more to come.

Working tomorrow 10 -5pm

cant be bothered but oh well lol. think im in the stock room again.

dont get paid till tuesday i think which sucks. but shall survive till then lol.

catch ye

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First PROPER Post [23 Jul 2007|03:50pm]
[ mood | calm ]

So this is my first proper post for my new journal.

Cara told me to start updating my old journal and i went onto it and remembered how much i hated the layout and couldnt be bothered changing it so thats why i never used it haha.

so i made this new one and borrowed cara's layout and just changed a few colours and words from it and added some stuff and hay presto i have my new journal which i really like. its plain , nice metallic colour with the best logo ever.

Not much has been happening recently. Just been working my buns off in work really.
Been doing lots of extra shifts etc, which will help to pay off my overdraft but will also get me some extra money for birthdays etc.

Went to see transformers the other night and loved it. one of the best movies ive seen in a while.
Bumblebee is the best autobot EVER. ive loved him since i was a kid and always will. i was near tears when he lost his legs!

Megatrons first words were amazing "I AM MEGATRON"

just been gutting my room recently and moving stuff about for new furniture and new bed etc cause my cousins will be sleeping in my room while they are up for my brothers wedding.

on that note... my brother gets married in about 3 weeks now.
quite scary really. thats been about a year and a half since they announced a date.

oh well not much else to say now. i will be updating this as much as possible now even if its stupid piddly wee entries i will update it.

catch ye


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first post [23 Jul 2007|03:06pm]
this is just my first post of my new journal. just testin stuff out


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